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Default Wake Turbulence behind an A-380

Jonathan wrote:
Matt Whiting wrote:

And this is a surprise? Did they think an airplane that size would have
the wake turbulence of a 737?

Not a 737, but Airbus was claiming it would be comparable to a 747, which is
a "heavy" aircraft. If you read the article, you might have noted that

"An Airbus A380 marketing brochure in 2003, for example, said: "there is
no need to introduce any changes in separation standards" for the A380
because the aircraft's wake "is similar to that of the 747-400.""

I missed that part. Shame on Airbus then. Either they really believed
this and are thus stupid, or they were outright being deceptive.

I can't believe that their customers actually believed that though.
That is pretty amazing as well.