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Default Can I log SIC under 135 IFR?

In an interview I had recently, I was told the nearly 300 hours I'd logged as SIC in a C208B for a Scheduled 135 EAS provider was not able to be counted in my logbook for Total Flight Time calculations. I had received a 135.293; 135.297 and 135.299 check ride and have said endorsements on my 8410-3..

Can I or can't I log it?

On Friday, December 8, 2000 1:05:28 PM UTC-6, Jim Macklin wrote:
If the basic rule requires two pilot crews, such as 135 passenger 135,
whether the operator has the single-pilot with autopilot authorization or
not, the particular flight may have two pilots assigned and both can log
time IAW SIC/PIC duties. The installed autopilot can be functional and even
be used.

Both (all) crew members must be qualified for 135 operations and have
current 135 training and letters.

Jim Macklin

wrote in message ...
It is my understanding that by regulation, I need to have two pilots
for any aircraft operated under IFR, under part 135, unless the
airplane has an approved autopilot.

Can I log second-in-command time if flying in an aircraft that HAS such
an autopilot under 135, under IFR if I simply don't use it, or
disconnect it? (assuming that the plane does not otherwise require 2
pilots i.e. a C-210 or something like that).


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