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Congratulations Neil, both on your pilot's license and your medical
degree. I'm sure both will be fulfilling in the future, well worth all
the effort expended. Good flying and good luck in MSP.

On Wed, 26 May 2004 10:49:43 -0500, "Neil A. Bratney"

Hello all,

Passed my Private Pilot Checkride yesterday (see my posting in
r.a.student), and just in the nick of time, as I'm moving from Omaha to
Minneapolis next week to begin my medical residency. Despite being
overworked I still plan on flying at least once or twice a month. I
will be living just NW of the U.

Could anyone give me some reviews of FBOs at Crystal (MIC) and Anoka
(ANE), specifically regarding aircraft rental?

I'd be most interested in renting 152s, 172s, Archers or Cherokees, but
not necessarily the newest model (I trained in a 1966 C172, and loved
it!). I haven't found much in Google newsgroup archives, so I thought
this would be a good thread for discussion.

The idea of joining a flying club had crossed my mind, but with my
limited income and expected flying time I didn't think the investment
would be worthwhile. If my thinking is wrong, let me know! Also if
anyone has some tips about flying around the Twin Cities, I'd love to
hear them!

Neil Bratney, M.D., PP-ASEL