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James Woody
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Yep - RIO (running into obsolesce). 2 pair of eyes was always better
than one.


Pechs1 wrote:
jdata- I have read a statement by an F14 RIO that in the 90's that the F14
was known as the "world's fastest or quickest aircraft" this may have
changed since some of the aircraft had their engines changed. Mind
you, he was saying this when he was in the Bravo version. BRBR

-110 engines did make a HUGE difference...but rmember the RIO was looking at
perhaps the last tactical seat available in the F-14 for NFOs, so I am sure a
lot of them really talked up the A/C..Good thing the F-18F came along or these
guys would be SOL...and may be 'soon' anyway, Isn't the USN JSF single seat??

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