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Default I know there are electric powered sailplanes but

I think one of the hardships of designing an electric ultralight would
be keeping the weight below limits (which is an empty weight of 254
pounds in the USA)... wrote:
How about 100% electric powered ultralights?

What problems can anyone forsee to building a 100% electric ultralight
aircraft for short & mid-range commuters to get back & forth to work
(aside from air traffic issues... it IS a big sky after all)? I
understand the average commute is less than 30 miles in land based
vehicles which would generally mean less than a 30 minute flight for
most people. Of course, ultralights are currently restricted from
flying over neighborhoods, so there would have to be some changes in
regulations for the average person to take off & land an aircraft from
their front drive, but wouldn't it be a reasonable idea?

And, by the way... does anyone know of a decent 100% electric
ultralight aircraft with plans available for homebuilders?

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