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Default Red Bull Air Race broadcast live on the web!

News from the can:

Red Bull Air Race 2004

On 20 August there will be a race in the centre of Budapest - above
the Danube, right in front of the parliament building and in front of
hundreds of thousands of fans.

The Air Racers "take off" live via a high quality web broadcast on 20
August at 7:00 pm CET at

The site features also a webbased flight simulator game providing an
authentic impression visualizing air racing pilots cockpit views. Done
with virtools (only PC) - based on real topographic 3D data it allows
you to fly maps of Kemble (UK), Budapest City and Reno (US)

By taking part at the competition and a superfinal for overall victory
and the title of the Red Bull Air Race Online Champ, the prize for the
best online pilot is obvious: A thoroughly unvirtual aerobatic flight.