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Default About Autopilot in Microsoft Flight Simulator X????


I'm trying to use Autopilot of Bombardier CRJ700 in FSX. I want to take-off and land this plane using autopilot. Now questions are below.

1- First I select the departure and destination airport and get their rout. Rout shows on GPS clearly. Now how much Altitude and speed of autopilot should be set so that plane would be able to take-off well. On my observed Altitude and Speed, plane doesn't fly and its tale usually struck runway. So what these two should be?

2- Second on air, I press the Approach and Heading button so that the plane would be able to go to the right rout. Sometimes, when I click on both, I find plane goes some where else. Sometime, by clicking only on approach, it gets the right direction and sometimes, clicking only heading, it gets right direction and sometimes, by clicking both, plane gets itself right route to the destination airport. So I don't know what I only have to do so that plane would be gone to the right route.

3- Sometimes, plane gets right route but it goes over the destination runway instead of landing by autopilot there.

So please give me some guidance to hold a plane fully by autopilot.

You can see my cockpit Autopilot view in this image.