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Mike Z.
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Default Extra Headset recommendations?

I have DCs for the front seats and 1- lightspeed QFR Solo for the back. Lightweight, quiet and non vice-like. I am considering a
second pair for the other side at about $125.

Mike Z

"norm" wrote in message ...
Hey y'all

I am in the process of purchasing a 4-place plane. I am looking for
recommendations for headsets. I have a set of David Clarks, I think it is
pretty much agreed that they are the best as far as quality and support in
the future. I will pick up another set of David Clarks for the right seat.
The question is what should I pick up for the back seat. I have seen some
running about $100 bucks that is about what I would like to spend for those
occasions when I have any extra passengers. Anyone have any experience with
Marv Golden headsets. I would be interested in any recommendations folks
have one-way or the other.