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Default Books on Military Rotary Wing to Civilian Fixed Wing Transition?

He may only be able to get Commercial Rotary Wing certificates with
instrument privileges.
The certificates provided to military pilots are based on "active" Form 8s

Indeed, contact the FSDO, also look at 14CFR61.73

I would think there would be more work for a heavy Helo pilot than entry
level fixed wing.
A lot of Police departments, Air Rescue, etc are in need of rotary wing


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Greg Copeland wrote:

My brother is a CFI, training Apache Long Bow pilots and would like to
transition to GA after he retires. Was wondering if anyone knows of
any books which will help prepare a career military helicopter pilot
for the world of civilian, fixed wing aviation? Specifically,
anything that covers transition to FAA private pilot, complex
endorcement, and IFR certificate.

I have not been in that situation, but those who have tell me to get the
certificates from the FAA before they separate from the military. Have
him contact the nearest FSDO and talk to them about what they want in
the way of documentation.