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Default Books on Military Rotary Wing to Civilian Fixed Wing Transition?

On May 1, 8:33 pm, "BT" wrote:
He may only be able to get Commercial Rotary Wing certificates with
instrument privileges.
The certificates provided to military pilots are based on "active" Form 8s

Indeed, contact the FSDO, also look at 14CFR61.73

Any idea what it would be for the Army (Apache pilot...Army is the
only service that flies it).

I would think there would be more work for a heavy Helo pilot than entry
level fixed wing.
A lot of Police departments, Air Rescue, etc are in need of rotary wing

The fixed wing stuff is for fun and maybe commercial interests down
the road. That's why I asked for private pilot and not about
commercial. He's already been talking with various people ranging
from air rescue to independant air operations for unnamed
organizations as a rotary pilot.

Ya, he's ganna have it tough retiring at 48%-50% pay, maybe tax free,
while still in his thirties...and primed to start a second aviation/
technology career. He's just suffering somthing aweful.