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Default Flight Simulator now being used by flight instructors

This is my first time on this group. I have close to 20 years on your
companion group without the S aat the end. I also go back a while in
simulators and flight instruction.
I flew Link trainers for a couple of months waiting for a ship home after
the war. I was the mechanic operatior of a radar bombardment simulator that
may have had some
part in the dropping of the Nagasaki Bomb.

I also found that being able to fly a simulator requires considerable
re-learning when
you get into an airplane. As an instructor I found that un-learning is far
more difficult than learning. There are several elements in flying that can
never be truly duplicated in a simulator. First, there is the risk.
Second, is the selection of options that will make all the difference in
outcome. And, third, luck. Given a choice between good and luck, take
luck. (WWII is at the very end 7.9+)
Gene Whitt