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Default Flight Simulator now being used by flight instructors

I used PC flight simulators when I got my first in 1979 and was laughed at
by my fellow instructors in 1989 when I used Flight Simulator 3 for my
students at Meacham, Fort Worth (KFTW) but they are common place now.

PC Flight Simulators are excellent for training procedures but they will
never replace the real thing.

Martyn Thomas
PC Flying

"Gene Whitt" wrote in message
This is my first time on this group. I have close to 20 years on your
companion group without the S aat the end. I also go back a while in
simulators and flight instruction.
I flew Link trainers for a couple of months waiting for a ship home after
the war. I was the mechanic operatior of a radar bombardment simulator
that may have had some
part in the dropping of the Nagasaki Bomb.

I also found that being able to fly a simulator requires considerable
re-learning when
you get into an airplane. As an instructor I found that un-learning is
far more difficult than learning. There are several elements in flying
that can never be truly duplicated in a simulator. First, there is the
risk. Second, is the selection of options that will make all the
difference in outcome. And, third, luck. Given a choice between good
and luck, take luck. (WWII is at the very end 7.9+)
Gene Whitt