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Actually, once the notch filter was adjusted such that the wing did not
delaminate, there was no benifit to forward swept wings.

Uh... excuse me, but what's a "notch filter" in this context?

In the feedback control system of the X-29 was a z-transform type filter at
3.2 Hz. This was a simple third order filter in the original airframe.
Once the filter was altered to eliminate the flutter problem on the second
airframe, there was no manuverability advantage. The first airframe having
a delaminated wing by that time.

Oh, I see... I forgot that the X-29 had to rely heavily on electronics, and
thought maybe it was some mechanical equivalent or something. Thanks for
clearing that up.
Ah, z-transforms... It's been quite a while, but I used to be pretty good at
that stuff.

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