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Actually if you were to compare the F14 with the F110 engines to the
F15, the acceleration at SL would be even from M0.5 to M0.9. This is
with the F14 wings set to "Auto". If the F14 wings were set to manual
and the wings set fully aft, the F14 would be a lot faster.

With a F14 with the TF30 engines, SL accleration at the same Mach,
would be a second slower than the F110.

The main advantange of the F14 is that can change its flight profile
or in this case, drag profile. Parasitic drag at 68 deg vs 45 deg
(F15) would be lower in the former. So with the said, going over
speeds over the Mach, the F14B/D will reach the goal quicker by
several seconds.

During the F14 v F15 fly off, I recall reading that the F14 camp let
the fuel burn fast as they were at a high idle (To increase the T:W)
while the F15's demo was in progress and that the F14 pilots took
account for the weather (wind) before their time was next. What this
knowledge was used for was the slow fly by in which it looked like the
aircraft was at a standstill since the aircraft was flying at 95KIAS
"dirty" as flew into the wind. During their demonstration, they hit
8Gs at in the mid 300kias range and performed touch and go's and
accelerated into the vertical. Their demonstration also showed that
the F14A took off and landed in a shorter distance than the F15.