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Anyone out there?

Yep. But not much shake'n.

I hear the West Port, Oklahoma fly-inn has been scheduled for the fall
this year.

You betcha. It is the only one in the mid-west that we are covering for the
magazine this year.
We will be presenting a forum at the Golden West show addressing the things
we learned about anodizing and aluminum structures.
The Utah Fly-In is still on our list, but we have cancelled our appearance
at the Freedom Fly-In at Mirage Dry Lake. The @#$% BLM has fenced in the
lake and is charging $15/ car for us to use public land. We are boycotting
their (Public land BS) facility.

Bad News, A Safari helicopter crashed near Phoenix with two on board. Fatal
for both. This helicopter and crew graced the cover of our magazine in Sept
2008. Details and probable cause TBD.