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"The OTHER Kevin in San Diego" skiddz "AT" adelphia "DOT" net wrote in
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On Wed, 3 Jun 2009 08:21:31 -0700, "Stu Fields" wrote:

Yeah we knew both people involved and had attended several airshows where
they showed their ship.
The cause is TBD. I'm sure that the FAA and NTSB will look into it to a
certain level.

I'd been meaning to ask you about that Stu. That was the Baby Belle
right? Tragic.

Hello Kevin: That was the white Safari out of Phoenix with both Mike and
Donna on board. Both of them were employees of the Phoenix police
department and based on communication received from their co-workers were
well liked. They will certainly be missed by us here at the magazine as
well. We had shared time with them at several fly-ins.