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Mike Marron
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(James Dandy) wrote:

Pardon my ignorance on all matters concerning modern aviation but just
why the hell would you want to sweep a wing forward?

Depending on the type of aircraft, there are lots of good reasons
to sweep the wing forward as opposed to aft. I'm only familiar with
the reasons the Blanik L23 sailplane has forward swept wings and
that is to allow for more weight placed forward of the main wing spar.

Doesn't that make any aircraft unstable? If so, why would any pilot
feel safe in it?

The Blanik is stable in all 3 axes (e.g: pitch, roll, and yaw) and
aerobatics in it are a delight. It's an all-metal sailplane that's
been around for decades and countless pilots, including me,
feel perfectly safe in it.

Has anyone ever made one work?

The Blanik is the USAF Academy's basic sailplane trainer of choice.