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Default Non-precision approach without a published MAP?

"Peter R." wrote:

Until this approach, I had not encountered a non-precision approach without
a published missed approach point. Is this more common than my experience
has provided to date?

Just after sending this up, I recalled a discussion in this group about a
year ago that talked about VOR approaches whereby the VOR is on or very
close to the field. I then pulled up a couple of other approaches to
nearby airports where this is the case and the VOR serves as the MAP.

My confusion was a result of expecting to see the point published on the
chart as MAP, but apparently these types of approaches imply the MAP is at
the VOR without needing to specifically label them as such.

I do not have the Jepp subscription to the chart linked in my previous
post, but I will pull up my Jepps to see how they chart the MAP on nearby
approaches similar to this one.