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Default Non-precision approach without a published MAP?

Dave S wrote:
Andrew Sarangan wrote:

Peter R. wrote:

Last Friday I flew with another pilot to Starke County, Indiana
(KOXI) to
pick up my stranded Bonanza.

The airport is only served by one instrument approach, a VOR/GPS
linked he

Until this approach, I had not encountered a non-precision approach
a published missed approach point. Is this more common than my
has provided to date?

Unless I am missing something obvious, the VOR is the missed approach
point. There are hundreds (thousands?) of approaches like this where
the missed begins at the navaid.

It also occurs BEYOND the departure end of the runway...

I think you meant to say the MAP occurs beyong the approach end of the

VOR and NDBs that are located on the airport are "on airport" approach
facilities. The missed approach point is the facility even though it is
beyond the landing threshold. The only exception is where it is a
VOR/DME IAP, then a DME fix at the threshold will mark the MAP.