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Default Non-precision approach without a published MAP?

John R. Copeland wrote:

"Roy Smith" wrote in message ...

Dave S wrote:

what I thought was unique and remarkable about this approach, which
nobody seems to notice what I was actually referring to.. was that the
MAP wasnt before the runway, or over the threshhold, or over
midfield.... but clean past the whole stinkin airport.

The primary thing an approach does is make sure you don't hit anything.
After that, it's good if it also gets you to a runway.

Or at least *close enough* to the runway that you can see it for landing.
I guess that'd be within about a mile for the approach we're talking about.

If you fly out an On-Airport IAP to the facility, your only viable
option is circle-to-land. And, without planning, you could very well be
below the circling MDA.