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Originally Posted by Scott Skylane View Post
Darrel Toepfer wrote:
I have a recently purchased (eBay) Aircraft Radio Corporation audio
control panel with R-402 Marker Beacon Receiver. I don't have the wiring
diagrams or operations manuals for either unit. I've looked on the
Aeroelectric site and the usual search places with no luck turning up
the data I need...

Audio Control Panel Assy
Incandescent Lighting
Assy. No. 2470003-1 / 2470013-1

Marker Beacon Receiver
R-402A PN 42410-512828
Serial 22886
Aircraft Radio and Control
Div Cessna Aircraft Co
Boonton NJ


I can scan an install diagram for the audio switching panel, but I don't
have a diagram for the panel, itself. BTW, those are rather notorius
units these days, and I notice the sticker on yours labeling it as a
"core". Those blue transmit relays are some of the biggest offenders,
but at least everything is easy to get to!

Happy Flying!
Scott Skylane
I am looking for a wiring diagram for the Audio Control Panel Assy Incandescent Lighting Assy. NO.2470003-1 also. I know this is an old thread, but maybe someone is still watching and can help me locate one.