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Default New alpine soaring video on YouTube

On Friday, October 23, 2020 at 6:25:31 PM UTC-7, Matt Herron Jr. wrote:
That looks like a GoPro Max 360 camera ( ). I have one, and could tell from the shape of the shadow that showed up occasionally on the video. They are quite amazing, with almost perfect stabilization. When I put one on my wing, the footage looks like the airplane is pinned to the camera, rather than the other way around. You can edit the video to look in any direction at any zoom level with keyframes. Notice how steady the horizon is during the flight.. 5.2K resolution means even zoomed in a bit (as this video was) looks pretty good. I highly recommend this camera.


I would like to know what camera setup was used. The 360ยบ cameras I have seen produce "fisheye" kinds of images. Perhaps this setup was a remote controlled pan/tilt head?

It is a GoPro 360. Fleming posted the answer to this question:

What video camera was used, and which editing program?

I used a GoPro Max in 5.6k 360, and edited it with Final Cut Pro X.