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Dave Nadler
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Default Js3 jet catastrophic failure.

On Friday, August 31, 2018 at 11:29:42 AM UTC-4, wrote:
Dave - those statistics are from 2008 so before jets became popular.

I am well aware, and also before many electrics were flying.
I don't know of any serious statistically useful work since then.
Please let me know if anybody has something more recent.

I think jets will eliminate many of the problems encountered with
traditional systems, but the e-systems may eliminate them completely.

Thinking so, and knowing so are terribly different.
Meantime, practical evidence contradicts that hope.

It will be interesting for the project to be re-run with a decades
worth of improvements to the self-launch and particularly sustainer systems.

And it would be great for someone to sponsor such research.

Unfortunately it is extremely unlikely that we'll reach the level
of reliability one might hope for, given the resources available for
testing and refinement of ANY of these systems.
Jet, gas, or electric - same thing.
These are not Toyotas and never will be given financial constraints.

Landing must be Plan A.
If the propulsion system starts, great! But that is always Plan B.
Similarly, putting yourself at risk given engine failure after it starts
is equally unwise. Always plan the flight profile so you have a safe
out when the thing quits or goes to low power.

Be safe out there,
Best Regards, Dave

PS: Some of you know of my work, and courses on software reliability ;-)
Hardware is not so different - lots of testing required!