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Default Js3 jet catastrophic failure.

On 08/30/2018 01:32 PM, Tango Whisky wrote:
My name is Bert Willing, and your post was nonsense. I know quite a couple of jet owners, and they never had a problem of starting their engins attention altitude.

For you to not know of problems certainly doesn't prove that problems
don't exist. I know of three different JS1's that flew from that 6000'
msl airport that reported problems starting. That's three out of three.

I was at the airport when the bad outlanding reported by Ramy occurred.
I wasn't able to help on that retrieve, I was busy doing another
retrieve when a different jet landed out and collapsed his landing gear
on the same day. Someday jets may be extremely reliable, fuel
efficient, and quiet. That day is not likely to be anytime in the
foreseeable future. Some breakthrough in battery technology is more
likely to come along giving us better energy density and safety than
what we have now.