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"W" is JFK's son and Bush revenge killed Kennedy in 1963

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Old August 28th 04, 11:28 AM
Ross C. Bubba Nicholson
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Default "W" is JFK's son and Bush revenge killed Kennedy in 1963

JFK gave Barbara Pierce a lesson in life in the summer of 1944 (making
her a "Cape Cod heiress"), and to her eventual husband, JFK gave a
personal motive for revenge. Perhaps if George and Barb had announced
their earlier engagement or even if George had given Barb a diamond
instead of a cheap dinner ring, JFK would have backed off, but her
presidential legacy drew Jack Kennedy to her. The end of the affair
devastated Barb, forced her withdrawal from Smith College, allowed her
quick marriage to GHWB and sent the young couple into the exile of a
Texas oblivion.
George Bush, Senior, speaks fluent Spanish. He needed the language to
manage and participate in the assassination of John Fitzgerald
Kennedy. You see, George Bush came up through the ranks of the Central
Intelligence Agency and it was George Bush, president of Zapata
offshore oil company in Houston, who planned and oversaw the operation
on the Zapata peninsula of Cuba known as "the Bay of Pigs." E. Howard
Hunt and other plumbers and Cubans were on the team of assassins,
which George Bush, Senior, our future president, recruited in south
Florida in 1960 and 61. Bush was a CIA associate of the people
managing Oswald's movements before November 22, and his name, address,
telephone number and nickname "Poppy" were found in one's address
book. According to FBI records, "George Bush of the CIA" was given a
classified FBI briefing (page 108 of the Final Report of the
Assassination Records Review Board), but CIA disavowed knowing him, of
course. Two more men named "George Bush" were offered as the person
briefed by Hoover's man, but a reporter found both of them and neither
was briefed or had been qualified for such a briefing. "George Bush of
the CIA" was also identified by a US government witness who claimed to
have delivered converted Navy ships to him in Guatemala just prior to
the Bay of Pigs "Operation Zapata" invasion. One of the ships
involved, converted Navy ships sailed to Guatemala and delivered to
George Bush of the CIA, was named "Houston" another was named
Former president Bush's murder of JFK provides a rationale for the
Texas republican party to run George Bush for U.S. Senate before he
had run for or won any local office in Texas. Remember, Texas was
chock full of thousands of loyal, rich, handsome, native Texas local
republicans some of whom had actually won elections to various
offices, but Bush, a young upstart Yankee, was jumped over all of
them. Senator Yarborough called Bush "the darling of the John Birch
Society" and with good reason. When the voters of Texas refused to
elect him to the US Senate, the republicans ran him to win the only
republican US House seat they could possibly win and poured on the
cash spigot. His republican competitors for the nomination, all more
qualified, dropped out. After his stunning victory in Texas' only safe
republican district, he was deemed by many to be vice-presidential
material, and Nixon actually seriously considered him for his running
mate in 1968, but instead gave him big important posts, Ambassador to
the UN, and director of the CIA (the youngest CIA director in
history). Plodding and unimaginative, barely educated in Yale's
hurryup vet course after the war, Bush failed to distinguish himself
repeatedly. Yet, for doing nothing republican high officials,
especially Nixon--who was also in Dallas in 1963, could not do enough
for him. No reason given. Why do you think Nixon resigned so easily?
It was because he was so guilty, that's why! The secret team could not
take the scrutiny. THAT's why the pressure on him was so intense!

Al Haig was in charge of giving the Cuban returnees from Castro's
prison choice jobs and scholarships here in America. Haig was the
dummy who "lost" the JFK autopsy photographs. Haig also put himself in
charge of JFK's funeral arrangements working almost alone in the
Pentagon late into the night and coming in early the next morning,
even though he worked in Army Intelligence. (Army Intelligence, the
same folks who "lost" most of Oswald's service record.) Haig was no
medical man, nor was he a funeral director. And of course it was Haig
who presented higher-ups with the mysterious proven bogus report
framing Oswald for trips to Mexico and Cuba taken by look-alikes
working for CIA and Army Intelligence and posing as Oswald. The dolt
put all that in his autobiography. Haig also did nothing to deserve
his high jobs in the US Government, or his military decorations, which
he freely admits.
According to the White House Nixon tapes, E. Howard Hunt got his hush
money from Nixon in Watergate instead of being disavowed because he
had a safe with incriminating evidence in it. On the Watergate tapes,
when Nixon refers to "the Texans and the Cubans" or "that Bay of Pigs
thing" when it is clear from context that he is talking about the JFK
assassination, he is not talking in code. Indeed, Nixon brags in his
book, Six Crises, that he was the administration's pointman on the Bay
of Pigs fiasco, thus having direct contact with Bush at that time.
Clearly, George Bush Senior should be interviewed by the FBI as a
suspect in the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. A case should
be made, an investigation opened, a trial conducted, a if a conviction
is obtained, a sentence of death for high treason carried out by our
legal authorities.
Larry King once said that the only person he knew who wasn't able to
remember where he was when Kennedy was assassinated was
....................... G.H.W. Bush.
JFK is GWB's father -- and Saddam Husseim had proof of it he received
from Chirac.
It is kinda funny, isn't it? Just imagine trying to keep all that
inside you for all those years! No wonder Poppy went major depression
after being turned out by Clinton. I mean, who wouldn't? And while the
whole affair is a gut-buster for Southern Democrats like me, I feel
sorry for poor "W", don't you? Having your father killed by your
step-dad like that? How awful! I guess "W" went off the deep end when
they told him, you know, his drugs and stuff in his youth. It makes me
proud of him for pulling his life together out of such a morass of
hellish spew. It all goes to show that God Almighty is all-powerful,
and He can do anything that He wants. It also goes to show the
fallibility of man, his foibles and follies, altogether ridiculous,
eh? I'm glad this gave you, well some of you anyway, a big laugh.
We're going to need a sense of humor if we're going to get through
this transition without pulling out the long knives.


Kilian, P Barbara Bush, Matriarch of a Dynasty. Thomas Dunne Books,
St. Martin's Press, NY (2002). Note photo.
Green, F. George Bush, An intimate Portrait. Hippocrene Books, NY
Bush, G. All the Best, George Bush. A Lisa Drew Book, Scribner, NY
Parmet, H.S. George Bush, The Life of a Lone Star Yankee. A Lisa Drew
Book, Scribner, NY (1997).
Haig, A.M. "with" McCarry, C. Inner Circles, How America Changed the
World, A Memoir. Warner Books. A Time Warner Company, NY (1992).
Morris, R. Haig, The General's Progress. Playboy Press/A Division of
PEI Books (1982).
Any good biography of JFK. (I've read two referring to upstate NY
"Barb" descendant of a US President and her description during his
convalescence in the summer of 1944. )
Two emails from readers for the Larry King reference and the French
Secret Service having "W"'s DNA, both unsubstantiated but entirely
plausible. Those electronic records will be made available to law
enforcement only, please.

In "Plato's Republic" before a dramatic style change where weird sex
stuff is discussed, the first (and unobjected to) reference to "wives
and children" being held in common is in a description of the
armaments of the citizen soldiers. What had been left out of that
description of the ranks and arms of the Greek soldiers was any
reference to "spears and arrows" --WHICH WOULD HAVE BEEN HELD IN
COMMON AND TO WHICH NO ONE WOULD OBJECT! Moreover "spears and arrows"
replaced "wives and children" perfectly in the original meter. Thus
Socrates wrote the first (and best written) book, and Plato stole and
adulterated Socrates' work for his own. Sometime, it is what is not
written, that can be most important. For instance, why would Kennedy
keep his family & friends in the dark about "Barb"? She fit their
descriptions of her, name was the same.

I was also a Texas resident from 1963 to 1973, went to high school
there and wondered why Bush was run without any qualifications like
that, and with such desperate frenzy. My sister worked for Mr.
Zapreuder's moviehouse & was making his film to show at her birthday
party and I have other undisclosed sources from my youth who were
present during Kennedy's stay.

Nicholson B., Pheromones cause disease: pheromone/odourant
transduction. Med Hypotheses. 2001 Sep;57(3):361-7

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