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Bush Flew Fighter Jets During Vietnam

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Old July 19th 04, 11:45 PM
Billy Preston
external usenet poster
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"Steve Mellenthin" wrote
Except of course for the self appointed "Warrior Class" who revel in all that
crap. Save us all from the war lovers.

Arthur Kramer

I'll be damned Art! Everyone whom I have passed your website URL to and has
looked at it sees you as squarely in the middle of those war lovers.

You appear to revel in your wartime experiences and can't even send an response
to this board without a signature block that is a mini resume of your wartime
exploits. Most of us here with combat experience rarely do anything close to
that - ever. I respectfully suggest to you that you are speaking out of both
sides of your mouth. You can't have it both ways, my friend.

Besides becoming eligible for welfare, it's the only other thing he's done in
his life.

Old July 19th 04, 11:49 PM
Billy Preston
external usenet poster
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"George Z. Bush" wrote

Unless they changed the law back in the 70s, in my day the law didn't require
you to register if you had volunteered and were waiting for your reporting date.
I may be wrong, but that's the way I remember it.

I think you are correct. If you entered delayed enlistment you were basically
in the reserves at that point, and selective service only applied to civilians.

Old July 20th 04, 12:12 AM
Billy Preston
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"Ed Rasimus" wrote

Jack Broughton.

I never met the man, but after reading his book, I still wonder why he didn't
win the war single-handed, and probably faster if all those other people would
just get out of his way. It's been 10 years since I read it, so maybe I've
matured and can re-read it with a different attitude.

To tell the truth, I think I met a man just like him once, but by 1981 those kinds
of Colonels were dead meat in the modern USAF. Team players, not glory hogs
need only apply. There was war before him, war after him, and no one can be
as important as he claimed he was.

Just an observation from reading him.

Old July 20th 04, 12:33 AM
external usenet poster
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"WalterM140" wrote

I turned 18 in 1973 also. I asked my recruiter if I should register and he
said not to worry about it.

That's just the most ignorant thing I've heard from you yet. Registering for
selective service was never an option for men in 1973. If the recruiter told
you to jump in a lake, would you do it?

I would if my Drill Instructor had said to.

I joined the Marine Corps the same day I turned 18. Why register for the draft

I'm sure Master Gunnery Sergeant Beatty didn't know whether or not I should
register for the draft. He just wanted my skinny ass to wind up on Parris

Which it did.

Old July 20th 04, 12:35 AM
Ed Rasimus
external usenet poster
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On Mon, 19 Jul 2004 22:48:03 +0100, "Paul J. Adam"

In message , Ed Rasimus
Give me an army of "kids barely out of their teens" and I'll give you
an effective war-fighting force in about four years, provided I've got
a cadre of senior NCOs and Officers with the mettle to do the job.

I wasn't much of a soldier, though I wore the uniform and took the
Queen's shilling while I worked at learning the trade (and enjoyed most
of it; the rest I'll call 'character building'. *I* wasn't medevacked
with hypothermia even if other members of my platoon were! [Mostly, I
was in my basha when the rain hit so I was drier than they were in the
winds that followed... but why spoil a good story?]).

But with hindsight, one of the reasons the units I served in worked so
well was that each year's incoming cadre of 18 and 19-year old 'officer
cadets' ran head-on into some skilled, experienced and devious SNCOs
with good senior officers to back them up (definition of a good
adjutant... like God, you know He's there but you're glad you never get
proof of His existence ) and junior officers being given the chance
to sink or swim as leaders with a platoon of officer-cadets to lead. (If
we managed nothing else, we were a tough audience)

Even in peacetime, sorting "those who can lead" from "those who should
follow" and sifting out "arrogant buggers with too much technical
knowledge who think they *should* lead but lack the necessary skills[1]"
is not a simple task. My respects to those who tried to do so in

Well said. Puts the esoterica of discussion into the perspective of

Ed Rasimus
Fighter Pilot (USAF-Ret)
"When Thunder Rolled"
Smithsonian Institution Press
ISBN #1-58834-103-8
Old July 20th 04, 12:36 AM
external usenet poster
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I turned 18 in 1973 also. I asked my recruiter if I should register and he
said not to worry about it.


You recruiter told you to break the law and you did? It becomes
clearer with each posting why think the way you do.

Well, I was 18. If Top Beatty said not to worry about it, that was fine with

Why register for the draft when you have orders for recruit training?

I keep my DD-214 handy in case someone asks.


Old July 20th 04, 12:39 AM
external usenet poster
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I turned 18 in 1973 also. I asked my recruiter if I should register and he
said not to worry about it.


Good thing you didn't say you decided not to register. We can't have you
admitting you committed a felony, can we?

Wow! All these notes.

I joined the Marine Corps the day I turned 18 because my mother would have no
part of it.

Why register for the draft when you already have orders to recruit training?

If I ever get busted, I'll show them my DD-214 and Honorable Discharge.

Old July 20th 04, 12:41 AM
external usenet poster
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Would this be the Senate that contained something like 45-50
Democrats? None of whome could be inveigled into signing on?

Yeah, that's weird, isn't it? Tom Dashchle (sp) directed that no senator sign.

Old July 20th 04, 12:48 AM
Mike Marron
external usenet poster
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Ed Rasimus wrote:

?????? What is that about? Who is Chuckie?

Around here "Chucky" is the nickname of the Tampa Bay Bucanneers
head football coach Jon Gruden (formerly the Oakland Raiders head
coach). The fans nicknamed him that because (for example) in 3rd and
long situations deep in his own territory with time running down, a
stressed-out Gruden kinda resembles the "Chucky" doll in the 1990
R-rated horror flick, "Child's Play." :-E --- fangs

(Even if I could afford a T-38, having to pay for my own JP-4 would
take all the fun out of those full-burner takeoffs!!)


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