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Juan Jiminez is a liar and a fraud (was: Zoom fables on ANN

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Old August 4th 04, 01:45 PM
external usenet poster
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Default Juan Jiminez is a liar and a fraud (was: Zoom fables on ANN

In article , Barnyard BOb - says...

Military 24 hour clock ;-)))

The military wouldn't give Campbell the time of day. g

Barnyard BOb - USAF, CANG, TNG

Gee Unka Bob
I almost spewed my coffee over that one. It was quick, concise ,funny and to the
point, I give it a 10.

Missed ya at Oshkosh numerous RAH notables were there and visited my booth for a
sip or two of either Blackberry or Peach ML. I'm sorry to say we had no kills
this week as the legend of ML has people getting cautious. I even the zoomster
tried to take my picture.
It was a hoot as he drove his golf cart up an aisle and parked with his back to
me and our booth. He then pretended to be taking pictures of things all around
him. We pretended to not notice him. He then switched to a big zoom lens on his
camera and pretended to be looking at something to his left thru the lens. He
suddenly swung 90 degrees and as soon as the camera was facing us we all smiled
and waved.
He spun around so fast that you would have thought he stick his finger in a
socket. Then he pretended to talk on his cell phone and left. It was hilarious.

What he didn't know was we had an "operative" taking his picture as he was
trying to take mine.I got some nice shots of him and his zoom lens LOL!!!

I don't know if he got the picture or not but I suspect he didn't because later
a kinda fat gal was acting weird in front of our booth and sheepishly took a
photo of the zoom free zone sign and then a shot of the inside of the tent
..Unusual photos,I suspect she was one of zoomies shills.

All in all a relaxed show and I even ran into some NASA guys that remembered me
from my tour at Lewis (now Glenn) Research Center.

See ya

Nefoo Chuck

Old August 5th 04, 11:59 AM
external usenet poster
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In article , RobertR237 says...
Gee Chuck, are you surprised that Zoom would want to take some photos of one of
the industries most influential people. I am sure that he must be doing some
followup story on the latest story in Kitplanes. I saw your photo and it was
very flattering but must have had some airbrush work done on it. Hell, You
haven't looked that good in decades. BFG

It must have been the result of my "nose job" last month LOL!!

I know that story had to have made Zoom sick and so damn jealous that he
couldn't see straight. After all, here he is the savior of general aviation
and the super journalist, greatest test pilot every, phone more types of
aircraft than anyone in the world but doesn't even get a mention.

It was an honor to receive the award and to get recognized by Kitplanes it's
nice to know that you made a small mark in the sand. To be recognized by one's
peers is very satisfying.zoom on the other hand has peer recognition but not the
kind that gets you an award . zoom can't fool more than a few people at a
time and certainly not his peers. The people who compile most of the awards out
there are well aware of zoom. I'm sure he's very jealous and since he knows
he'll never get recognition from his peers it probably eats him up.

Sadly he probably could have been a positive force in aviation but his methods
of running his business and his tactic of intimidating people who disagree with
him have caused most people in the industry to have a sour taste toward him.
Dan Johnson has been honored with a test pilot award and justly so. He really
does what he writes about and his peers know that.zoom won't get that award
because they know he didn't loop, roll and spin every plane he said he did.

To some I'm just another RAH-15 Lister who never did anything except be a member
of the over reacting, rabble rousing,capt zoom lynch mob, a position that I hold
in high esteem :-)Tony would be proud :-)

Chuck S RAH-15/1 ret

"Credibility it was always about credibility" chuck s

Old August 6th 04, 03:39 PM
Juan Jimenez
external usenet poster
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Ron Wanttaja wrote in

I figured this might be a good time to update folks on Campbell legal
actions. After all, the "surprise" *might* be related to one. :-)

Not even close, but knock yourself out. g

Old August 7th 04, 12:02 PM
Barnyard BOb -
external usenet poster
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Juan Jimenez wrote....deleted

Take a hike, you're almost on a par with me, one of the most hated men
on usenet, the only difference is, you spout craptain zoom all the
time, and when I say something on a subject, I know what I'm talking

That suicide crapsule you're working on must not be flying yet, if it
was, you wouldn't be here. You'd be RIP. ((Resting in pig ****.)Damn!
Sorry. that wouldn't be anything new to you.) - Lennie the Lurker


Say Lennie - aka Richard B,

Why hold back, fella?
Tell us how you really feel.

Can't speak for others, but...
I've never come close to hating you.
In fact, I've never even disliked you.
Admittedly, some of your past prose impacted me negatively,
but hey..., we may be close to even on that score. smirk

Be well,

Barnyard BOb -

Old August 7th 04, 03:59 PM
Ron Natalie
external usenet poster
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"JohnT." wrote in message ...

Why does ANN need a trailer anyway? sleeping quarters?

It's the "bunker" from which to defend himself from those who wish to do him
harm. It's been a few years since my buddy the tram driver forced him into a
puddle with the tractor.

Old August 8th 04, 04:20 PM
Lennie the Lurker
external usenet poster
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Barnyard BOb - wrote in message . ..

Say Lennie - aka Richard B,

Why hold back, fella?
Tell us how you really feel.

Thought I did, fairly well.

However if it'll change your mind, next saturday at noon they're gonna
strap my ass in a 2-33 and fling it skyward again, with an instructor
in the back seat. Did some work for them, and I'm at the point that
our favorite uncle will start taking a buck away from me for every
buck I earn. Object of flight: Burn the money so I don't feel like
I'm working for nothing. Got a hunch I'm not even going to touch the
controls. Might be three more years before I get into this situation
again, wouldn't make sense to even think about getting back into it. I
really don't want to be known as the ballast in the front of a 2-33
for my buddy. Hours in his log don't do anything for me except waste
time. Wasting time, I'm pretty good at without help.
Old August 9th 04, 11:17 AM
external usenet poster
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In article , Barnyard BOb - says...

Not to worry.
Sooner or later jaun will get his.
Tis the nature of Karma.

Of the dearly departed, it would be a hoot to know
how many ex employees felt they had been treated
fairly and would work for Jim Campbell again.

From the sound of it Ron W knows of one.I don't know of any Maybe a bigger hoot
would be a list of all the people who have been zoomed over the years.I bet it
would read like a "who's who" of Sport aviation.LOL!!

see ya

nefoo Chuck RAH-15/1 ret


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