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playing pool

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Old March 19th 12, 07:26 AM
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Default playing pool

Content from: small pity QQ853721865 content starts: Internet chat has just learned, the value of yesterday evening and weekend so a few This is not just back to the dorm to sleep for a good sleep was that My eyes did not open eyes, close eyes just shout: Yang, eight of our brothers inside the dormitory ranked number six. I do not know what's from the beginning, the men in college dorm room with the care of the A few days ago I heard a fellow in a Our brothers dormitory next door and an emergency meeting that night, final discharge of the Eight brothers in our quarters, I, Zhang Xiaomin youngest and the youngest three are from the north, coupled with similar personality, love to drink wine and drink cow blowing point, so the relationship is more better. One night before the three of us scrape together ten dollars sneak out drinking three cups of. You say you give a change of name, you do not change, you said that if the thing has been called to it, you will not be renamed, and direct surname it, a change of hyphenated, the name 'incompetent' it. the three of us would love to play this teasing. renamed '. not seem to mind here, as if thinking about something. sister in law, right? fart to fart, not simmering place. three are very serious and solemn dry glass of wine. That night, we all had a drink the exception of the three of us drunk, shouting the common motto It is no exaggeration to say that the degree of mutual understanding between the three of us have to kick kick ass, you know what you want to pull the feces to the point, let alone two people hear his voice. The youngest seems really hurt. I suddenly jumped down from the bed, while wearing the clothes she asked Yang, I quickly put all my money and books were put into his pocket, called cars and Yang arrived at the hospital. Floor in the hospital outpatient payment we were met at the payment is to Zhang Xiaomin old classes, and he told us the situation brief moment, he said: people on the outside and drank two bottles of the. inform parents of the people, so do our students to be responsible also for little people, you say, right? money, do not worry about things you both, I have the first two thousand dollars for the little people pay a deposit of hospitalization, if not, you give me a call, I give you sent. Xiaomin now in 204 wards, you both a past right now and I still have something to go back to school trip.
Classes tended to obscure the old look back, my feeling wells up, said now the community is Like the old class is really such a good teacher too, and find a friend who's life is difficult, more difficult to find a confidante, to have someone who can give yourself Zhang Xiaomin on the bed scene surprised me. If it is not on the medical record bed, Glasses flew back do not know where to go, eyes motionless, originally because of myopia plus astigmatism on the glazing eyes become more dull. Long time, he discovered we were. Sham lips slightly moved, and then they closed, I saw him watching me, and Yang, two lines of silent tears slip out. Sham weakly waved his hand to we were, we were motioned to sit down. I quickly came to the little people and Yang added a pillow, sit either side of his side. After a long pause, Sham said softly: For a time, some of the terrible silence of the ward, I can even hear his heart beat. Yang and I have no one to speak, perhaps this time we have to understand my heart, I am afraid that any comforting words are pale. Silence, perhaps the best way. Now every word Sham gave my heart to bring a shock. The face of his friends, in the most need of help when he did not have any way to help him, I should be the most sad thing. Then, after a long pause, Sham continued: but the number should be squatting in prison. Correspondence course should be continued, especially children each year when Ran's birthday is about to come when the little people either take me or Yang, Ran is filled with children going to buy a birthday present, and write on the gift I do not know where did you get a few broken poetry: It seems unreasonable statement, But he said today, as children had to change his fate Ran the story of the past is never mentioned before. loss, coupled with poor self-control of some, I accidentally added to the community that gangs. day of truancy, fighting, smoking, drinking, playing pool, rob some money to some students, etc. Of course, performance is plummeted, the earnest teacher to teach again and again, I always listen to. school is no way my parents go to school. father's scolding and tears to my mother's soul great shock and deep guilt, I also made up my mind, be sure to study hard, a good man. I can still hope to change the school is good, give me a disposition of probation, I understand, perhaps, this is my last chance at this time I met Ran children, our Grade 8 girls in a class, I found that she is an angel sent by God to give me, give me the best gift is her in my eyes not a person, but a time to goddess when I secretly put a note into her book, I was actually feeling never ever had that kind of uneasy when the next day to see Ran the same way children are fed to the paper , I never had the feeling moved. Ran children, said she knew me, knew I had done those things. are willing to make friends with me, encouraged me to learn, and meet in the same university
I put my to close up. do not want anything, want to study hard, but the allure of the outside world is too large. the community of those rejected them. But, again and again and again, I still did not resist the temptation to appeal. not over two months, I began to repeat those bad habits from the original until I once outside the school and several small hooligans robbed a child when the money was just to hit a child ran and she walked in front of me, I can not, and her vision, her eyes staring at me has died. 'pop' is heard, a slap in the face falls my face. next to those and I said: 'Zhang Xiaomin, you have to or my boyfriend, you follow me!' Ran slap in the face of children with pain hit me. Since then, I completely changed my own eventually, we admitted This school, but ran a number of children with lower scores, on the other side of our home in a tertiary institution. Sham suck the two, severely suck a few breaths, then went on: Last night, Foreign Affairs College, a fellow came to me to let the school, his family and the children ran home is a neighbor, said just heard the news, ran a car accident death of a child when I felt a dizzy, grabbed clothes go to the train station. Ran children, Ran my children, I have to see her to say one last time. But fellow who stopped by and told me not to go back, that is, parents of children with Ran Ran children in the diary found that the relationship between me and her daughter, specially to call him to let him tell me: they are too sad, and now a child is gone, Ran children have been cremated, the ashes of their two children have brought home to the Northeast . Xiaomin, a child must learn to be strong. The next year, we graduated. Zhang Xiaomin returned home development, Yang stayed as a teacher, I went to a business unit made a secretary. Each of us have started their own lives. Until last year, a meeting in Beijing, I met by chance when the little people, he is now in the home of a coastal city in Shandong opened two food processing plants. This time the reunion, we are very excited. Conversation, I learned, little people have not yet married. buy her a gift, or above, we read that the first two are like the poem: the ten thousand save moving the street, I look forward to your gift, I hope you like, because I am poor, and love you! The daily updated with the latest classic space jokes with us and enjoy the wonderful log more text enjoy more exciting log! Wish to enter my space friends look. ミ small cherish music station like music, friends can also enter this space oh ...

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