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Default USB HUB and Windows XP

Is your 6-way USB hub an external one? And if it is an external one, does
your USB hub have its own power supply? Each USB port on your hub draws a
certain amount of current. But the entire USB port on your computer is only
rated for a maximum amount of current. If your hub is not self-powered (has
its own power supply) then try a USB hub that is self-powered. It sounds as
if the hub is exceeding it's rated current.

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"wan2fly99" wrote in message
I am using a six hub hardware to plug all my goflight hardware
One of the hardware does not work. Whn I plug it in to the PC iteslf
it works

I believe that the USB port in the hub doesn't work. another fellow
also mentioned check to see if Windows XP has a limkit on the number
of USB ports you can use Is there a restriciton else I will have to
buy a new hubworks