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Default Dumb question maybe re Stall Turn

That's not a stall turn, or a tail slide, that's the old gyro-hang
you're on about there. Both the stall turn and the tailslide could of
course be stopped just before the turn or the slide by doing the hang.
Eventually, and I mean eventually, the plane might start to spin, once
the torque had overcome the intertia, but as Orval says it depends on
the weight of the plane and the power output of the engine, which for
the gyro-hang is quite low (or you'd just climb). You could keep it up
for maybe a minute without too many problems.

Hope that answers your question!

On Nov 18, 6:06*pm, Surreyrider wrote:
Need someone to settle an argument. I do not fly, so your answers need
to be in laymans terms and hopefully put simply.
I've occasionally watched aerobatic displays and seen a maneouver
called a stall turn. *Now, I more or less understand how this works,
but there comes a point, just before the aircraft "turns around" where
it is momentarily stationary in space, pointing directly to the sky..
Impressive stuff. *Now, here's the crux: *My mate reckons the pilot
could hold the aircraft in this "head-up" attitude almost indefinately
as the prop is acting like a helicopter's rotor and it could
effectively hover in this attitude. *I, however, maintain that the
aircraft would begin to spin on it's axis if held in this attitude.for
more than a second or two.

Can anybody tell me who is correct?

Thanks all,