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Jay Honeck
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Don't pout, just be happy that they were concerned about your well-being.

If that's all there is to it, I am, indeed, happy that they are
watching out for us! Quite frankly I'm surprised.

Sorry to hear that you have had bad experiences with FF in your is
a valuable tool that should be used by everyone.

We use flight following on most flights in our area. The only time
it's ever a problem is around (the very busy airspace of) Chicago,
where (ironically) we could most use FF.

Usually Chicago won't accept a hand-off from adjacent controllers, and
if we try to request FF they will reply "unable." Not that it really
matters -- I have had airliners pop in front of me so close that I
could read their logo, without Chicago ATC ever saying "boo" about it.

Really, the only time we ever use FF around Chicago is on those rare
occasions where they *will* accept a hand-off from an adjacent
controller, as they did on this flight. Usually they just "cut us
loose" as we approach Chicago and we just fly through the area
(obviously outside the Class Bravo) using our "Mark One" eyeballs.

Thanks for your response, Bob.
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